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Difference Between Private Limited and Public Limited Company with FAQs, Incorporation Requirements, Process and Comparison Chart

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Posted on: March 24, 2022

directors and shareholders

The closed form (Sociedad Anónima Cerrada – SAC) is the most common of the three subtypes, since it grants the choice of having or not having a board of directors. Additionally, some S.A.s are governed by special legal frameworks such as the Mexican Stock Exchange Act .

  • A person appointed by the Board of Directors between the two annual general meetings, subject to the provisions of a Company’s Articles of Association, is referred to as an additional director.
  • This process is usually prescribed in the articles of association and it is not the same for all companies.
  • For example, a director needs to be at least 18-years-old in Florida, while California doesn’t have an age requirement.
  • For publicly listed companies in the U.S., members of the board of directors are elected by shareholders.
  • The Board is also correctly recognised to be a primary organ of the company.
  • Whether the board acting in its authority can remove a director without going to shareholders?
  • On the other side, in the case of a public company, directors must file their consent with the registrar to act as a director within 30 days of their appointment as a director.

Many companies operate on a rotating system so that only a fraction of the directors are up for election each year to make it much difficult for a complete board change to take place due to hostile takeover. The board is the highest governing authority within the management structure of the company. Individual shareholders vote for board members for many different reasons. Recently, there has been a lot of public discourse around corporate diversity and environmental, social and governance investing. The new requirement reflects an increasing drive for companies to have boards of directors with members from traditionally underrepresented communities. This aligns with the rise of ESG investing, of which leadership diversity is one factor.

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According to regulations mention in Section 149 of Companies Act, 2013, it is mandatory to appoint a director who has stayed in India for not less than 182 days in the last calendar year. As a principle of natural justice, before removal, the concerned director should be given a reasonable opportunity of being heard. Directors may be deprived of their office either due to disqualification, or due to circumstances leading to vacation of office, or resignation, or removal. Digital Signature Certificate of any one director is required, in case self-attested copies of identity proof and address proof are submitted. Residence permit (only for non-Nigerian directors who are resident in Nigeria or submit a Nigerian address as his or her contact address).

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  • A private limited company can start its business just after receiving the certificate of incorporation, whereas a public company needs a certificate of commencement of business after it has received a certificate of incorporation, to commence business.
  • In addition, a board of directors is responsible for helping a corporation set broad goals, supporting senior management in pursuit of those goals, and ensuring the company has adequate, well-managed resources at its disposal.
  • On the other hand, a private limited company is one that is not listed on a stock exchange, as its stock is held privately by the members.
  • Obtaining the consent of the proposed Director is the first step in appointing a Director in a company.

It is not easy to explain the position that a https://personal-accounting.org/ holds in a corporate enterprise. Director of a company is neither an employee nor a servant to the company. They are professional people who were hired by the company to direct its affairs. A company’s directors cannot be an entity or a body corporate; however, a company’s directors can be individuals or living people. An ordinary director is a simple director who attends Board meetings of a company and participates in the issues brought before the Board of Directors.


This article investigates corporate governance principles in South Africa and explores the importance of the role and duties of directors in the promotion of corporate governance principles. Additional directors- The board of directors under the powers given by the AoA may appoint an additional director, and until their appointment is regularised by the shareholders at a general meeting, the board of directors can remove an additional director. However, courts keep facing certain reiterative but rather intriguing questions like – Whether the provisions are ‘exhaustive’ when it comes to removing a director? Whether shareholders constitute an omnipotent authority to dislodge the directors? Whether the board acting in its authority can remove a director without going to shareholders? Whether the removal of directors can happen in adherence to any other power of removal – say directors, nominator, or the like. For shareholders who don’t own more than 25% of a company’s shares, the board then votes on their removal.

What are the 4 styles of directing?

  • The dictator.
  • The negotiator.
  • The creative artist.
  • The confrontationalist.

This guide therefore focuses on the management of a PLC which has a board that includes jure managers besides the directors. Both provide limited liability to the partners/shareholders and are governed by the Mexican General Law of Business Organizations . The maximum number of directors that can be appointed in a company is 15. However, this number can be increased by passing a special resolution. “Here you can enhance your knowledge on various topics related to finance & accountancy related topics like taxation, management, accounting, business law, corporate law banking, stock market, investment and many more. These systems let their traces in the commercial and business law and tradition within and outside Albania.Which, it indeed determined the growth and evolvement, facing the new regional and,Global challenges of business and economic life of Albania.

Process of Appointment of Director in Private Limited Company

Nevertheless, there are certain restrictions, in fact, some Types of Directors in a Private Limited Company cannot take the form of a limited liability company, such as; insurance companies, banks and any other financial institution or credit institution. In the State, the most common type of company used in group structures is a limited liability company . This guide focuses on the legal mechanics of management of limited liability companies.

How many classes of directors are there?

The Federal Reserve Act provides that Reserve Bank directors are divided into three classes—Class C, Class B, and Class A—of three directors each.

If the registered office is set up in a rented property, a rental agreement and no objection certificate by the landlord are required. From the provision, it means members of company are empowered to remove a director when they desire. In accordance with any power to remove a director which may exists outside the provision of Section 288 of CAMA. V. A corporation other than its representative appointed to the board for a given term. V. The director resigns his office by notice in writing to the company. Sale of shares to the public is prohibited.Shares which are fully paid up can be freely transferred. However there is no restriction under the Act, that a director cannot be an employee to the company.

Board of directors- oversees a department and maintains full operational responsibilities area is next to the C-level executives in the corporate jobs hierarchy. Make full disclosures to the board and shareholders if they have outside positions or interests which may give rise to a conflict of interest and/or if they have a personal interest in any proposed or existing transaction or arrangement with the company. Keep informed about the affairs of the company, particularly its financial position, and compliance obligations.

  • The Act provides that the business and affairs of a company must be managed by, or under the direction or supervision of, the company’s board of directors.
  • Bypassing Special Resolution Company can increase the number of Directors beyond 15.
  • When the directors contract in the name, and on behalf of the company, it is the company which is liable on it and not the directors.
  • On the other hand, a public limited company is owned and traded publicly.
  • Please note that all matters relating to appointment and removal of executive directors are contractual matters between the company and the affected executive directors whilst those of non-executive directors may be regulated by the CAMA where no contract exists.
  • The poison pill is a tactic public companies sometimes use to deter a hostile takeover.

By Section 286 of the CAMA, the acts of a director , manager, or secretary are valid notwithstanding any defect that may afterwards be discovered in his appointment or qualification. A memorandum of association is the main constituting document of the company.

However, shareholders may restrict the power of the Board by putting restrictive provisions in the Article of the company. In the case of oppression or mismanagement Central Government can appoint nominee directors.

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