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Different sizes and different types


Different Angles, Sizes, and Material

ERW, BI Pipe

B.I. PIPE, Electric Resistance Welded, Schedule 40

IMC Pipe

Designed for outdoor exposure and strong connection


Lightweight and easy to transport

PVC Pipe

PVC pipes are commonly used for manufacturing sewage pipes, water mains and irrigation. Possessing very long-lasting properties, PVC pipes are easy to install, lightweight, strong, durable and easily recyclable, making them cost-efficient and sustainable.

Frequently Requested

Circuit Breaker Switch

Trip Close & Trip open. DIM: 48 x 60mm & 88 x 88mm

Heat Shrinkable Busbar Tube

Different colors and different sizes, 100 meters per roll. Note: Price is per meter

AC Contactor

20A - 95A, 2P, 230V Ratings

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