Hybrid Power Corp.

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Who we are

Hybrid Power Corp. (HPCorp, formerly ISO-Inc.) was established in the year 2000 whose focus and expertise are mainly on electro-mechanical construction projects. HPCorp’s company organization is composed of experts in electro-mechanical design, construction works, power utilities, renewable/sustainable power, and engineering-commissioning works.

HP Corp’s utmost commitment is to provide only the best quality of produced products and to render 24/7 professional after sales service, which conforms to the highest safety standards in the general construction industry. HPCorp is equipped with a full line of electro-mechanical construction tools, devices, testing equipment, and complete state-of–the–art fabrication system for production of simple and complex switchgears and panel boards.

HPCorp strictly conforms to all labor laws, importation duties, government tax laws, and work benefits beneficial to all stakeholders and employees. Quality products, design, and workmanship are always guaranteed.

Our Mission

We are a Power and Engineering

We achieve success by fulfilling our
customer’s needs through state of the art
world-class engineering standards.

We are composed of professional,
competent, and experienced individuals.
We grant fair and just remuneration to
our employees and shareholders.

Our Vision

To be a Dynamic and World-Class Power
and Engineering General Contractor in
Power, Utility & Manufacturing Companies.

To Lead Innovations in the Global Power

To be the reliable, trusted, and preferred
Power and Engineering Contractor which
fosters continuous commitment to all
clients and responsible at all times.

Positive Growth

Work – Life Balance

Innovative Minds at Work

Teamwork makes the Dream work